Manufacturer of high quality polyurethane parts for the snow industry since 1981. We expanded our product range in this sector to meet the demands of our customers in specific and the snow industry in general.

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PIM offers a wide range of spare parts that fit your maintenance needs for lifts, escalators and moving walks. We can also manufacture or refurbish your rollers and pulleys for cable transportation, funiculars or inclined lifts.

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Specializing in the manufacture of polyurethane technical parts, PIM develops spare parts to meet your technical specifications.

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We’ve focused on the use of our Polyurethane in the concrete sector by designing parts that are resistant to abrasion and meet our customers’ expectations.

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PIM, Polyuréthane solutions provider

Located in Pusignan, in the eastern suburbs of Lyon France, PIM has designed and manufactured cast polyurethane products since 1981.

2012, a turning point as PIM focuses on new markets!

We decided to use our know-how to enter new markets. In addition to our multiple standard products, we now offer to design and manufacture technical, innovating and custom-made products on behalf of our customers.

Over the years, PIM has built a strong nationwide reputation based upon service, innovation and meeting our commitments; we now have an expanding worldwide customer portfolio to Europe, the United States and China.

From design to production and marketing, PIM’s personnel develop tools and formulations to offer optimum solutions to customers across industrial and commercial sectors.

We also have the capability to build our own tools.



C'est reparti pour 3 ans !

PIM certifié ISO 9001 ! 

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